Complete SEO Course 2024 Training SEO with AI + WordPress

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ChatGPT, Gemini, Technical SEO, PageSpeed, WordPress SEO, Keyword Research, Link Building, and SEO Training

What you will learn

Rank highly in search results using tried-and-true SEO techniques.
Outrank competitors and claim the top spot on SERPs with ChatGPT + Generative AI
Discover trade secrets to increase website conversions dramatically.
Do keyword research to connect with your target market.
Improve the search engine visibility of your website with technical SEO
Key web metrics: Increase stability, speed, and interaction
Get a page to load in less than a second with PageSpeed SEO.
Verify that your website is indexed and crawled.
Increasing engagement, dwell time, and conversions through user experience SEO
Link building: Create reputable, high-quality backlinks pointing to your website
Negative SEO: Protect yourself against attacks using negative SEO

Course Content

  • Introduction to SEO 
  • What SEO task should you take on first?
  • Why search engine visibility isn’t the only aspect of SEO?
  •  How can I comprehend complex SEO using ChatGPT?
  • Three Methods for Creating Content with ChatGPT
  • Why is it necessary for SEO to identify your target audience in this manner?
  • Why is competitor analysis important for SEO?
  • How can I conduct both online and offline competitive research for search engine optimisation?
  • I develop my SEO strategy and plan in this manner.
  • How Google Works? 
  • Whole SEO Procedure
  • Requirement for a Website?
  • Technical terms
  • Essential prerequisites
  • Important pages that are require
  • Essentials of SEO Keyword Research
  • For SEO, use Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword search volume for SEO
  • SEO keyword difficulty
  • Keyword Search Intent
  • Page Authority and Domain Authority
  • Which Terms Should I Focus on for SEO?
  • Buyer Personas in SEO
  • Use ChatGPT to Develop and Improve Buyer Personas for SEO
  • How Can Buyer Personas Help with SEO?
  • Competitors
  • Competitors Keywords
  • Target Keyword of Clients
  • Niche Keyword Research
  • Improve keyword optimization
  • Find Proof and Relevant terms
  • Topic Research
  • On page Optimization – A quick look
  • Word Count
  • Keyword in heading
  • Easy readibility SEO Factor
  • Content Relevance SEO Factor
  • Keywords in Internal links
  • Internal Link walkthrough
  • Keyword in External Link
  • Keyword in Meta Description
  • Why technical factors matter in SEO?
  • Impact of heading and meta description
  • Add Heading tags and meta description a walkthrough
  • Domain Authority
  • Domain Popularity
  • Exact Match Domains
  • URL Length 
  • Page Speed
  • Decoding Core Web Vitals

  • Creating a sitemap 
  • Adding a sitemap
  • Finding top ranking keywords for your site
  • Are backlinks still plays a important role for website?
  • Terminologies
  • Quantity of Backlinks
  • The quantity of domains that refer
  • Keyword in Anchor text
  • Source links from News sites and Backlinks Age.



  • Responsive Site
  • Page Speed of the website and its pages.
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Text Formatting 
  • Add Images
  • Find Quality Images
  • Find Copywrite free images
  • Add Relevant Videos
  • Check for Broken Links
  • Write compelling meta title and description
  • title and description with Chatgpt
  • Analyze Heading
  • Rich Snippets in SEO


  • A website is necessary for SEO (search engine optimisation); a WordPress website is ideal.
  • To improve your learning, think about creating a free trial account with a premium online SEO tool.


Are you displeased with Google for ranking your website so low?

  • Do you believe that the SEO tactics you’re using are a waste of time and money?

  • Would you like to know how to rank for any keyword you choose without having to hire a marketing firm or spend a fortune on ads?

If you own a website like most others, you most likely have trouble with search engine optimisation, or SEO. Despite your attempts, none of the strategies, resources, or classes seem to be effective.

You might have even noticed a decline in your rankings following a Google penalty or upgrade. It’s possible that you think SEO is overly difficult, technical, or competitive.

Imagine, however, that I informed you that search engine optimisation is not as difficult as you may believe.

What if I told you that there is a tried-and-true method that will improve your website’s organic traffic and Google ranking?

What if I told you that a professional SEO specialist who has assisted thousands of pupils in reaching their objectives could teach you this system?

It seems too wonderful to be true, doesn’t it?
It’s not, though. That’s precisely what you will learn in this course.

The most comprehensive guide to SEO in 2024 is this course. It will demonstrate how to optimise your website for Google search to maximise visibility and performance. You will learn the techniques and abilities that will catapult you into the SEO spotlight in 2024 and beyond.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  1. Conduct keyword research and find the best keywords for your niche

  2. Explore innovative solutions like leveraging chatGPT and generative AI for SEO strategies

  3. Optimize your website structure, content, and technical aspects for SEO

  4. Build high-quality backlinks that boost your authority and rankings

  5. Perform SEO audits and fix any issues that are holding you back

  6. Track and measure your SEO results using Google Analytics and other tools

  7. Stay ahead of the competition and avoid any SEO penalties or algorithm updates

This course is not just another SEO course.

It’s a comprehensive, practical, and up-to-date course that covers everything you need to know about SEO in 2024. It’s based on the instructor’s own experience and expertise as an SEO consultant and trainer. It’s packed with real-world examples, case studies, and best practices. It’s designed to help you rank for any keyword you want, drive more traffic to your site, and increase your conversions and sales.

Regardless of user level, this course is appropriate for everyone who wants to master SEO.

Who this course is for:

webmasters that wish to raise their website’s search engine ranks and visibility.
those who wish to become SEO experts by learning the language from the ground up.
Entrepreneurs are hoping to boost sales and profitability by increasing organic traffic to their website.

Web developers, content producers, and digital marketers who wish to expand their SEO expertise.
Individuals working as freelancers that want to start providing SEO services to clients.
Anyone who want to remain current on the newest developments in SEO, ChatGPT, generative AI, best practices, and trends.

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